Rome goes to War!

Caesar has promised his veterans land in Hispania after settling in as governor (61 B.C.E.), so the army has packed up and headed out to spill Spanish blood tonight. The renegade Cantabrian general (A.K.A Philistine Jim) will be hosting the festivities: DBA, pizza, etc.

Tonight will be my first real game of DBA with my own army. I have played only twice before in demo games (Rome vs Carthage both times, always lost to Carthage). As of yesterday my army was not complete, but after settling things with Jim I stayed up till about midnight to finish them up. I said in my previous post that I was unhappy with the paint job. However, I have changed my mind and feel pleased. As far as camps go, I got a Buaeda Roman Tent on the work bench, tonight I am taking the camp I initially made for the Romans but will be using with my Early Crusaders instead. I did forget to bring camp followers…oops.

I forgot my camera so I can’t take pictures tonight, but I will post a battle report to the best of my ability. I have also decided to start keeping a win/loss record for each army on the site. Look for it soon.

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