IV/7. Early Crusaders

This is the first post that will chronicle my building of the Early Crusader list for DBA. When I first learned about DBA, prior to college, I was your typical history enthusiast with Roman tunnel vision. So I grabbed a big bag of Marian Romans and painted them intermittently while losing interest in the era. I have since finished my Romans and now have picked an era I am more interested in-the 11th Century. Being an Eastern Orthodox Christian, I have a heightened interest in the period for a few reasons: 1)The Great Schism of 1054; 2)1066 (Norman Invasion), the end of Orthodox England; 3)Byzantium.

Sick of painting my Romans (who were all the same color), and not wanting to paint tons of horse just yet, I decided to paint up the Early Crusaders first in a plan to complete all six armies in the DBA campaign tree: Early Crusaders, Cilician Armenians, Early Byzantine (Commnenian), Fatamid Egyptian, Syrian and Seljuk Turks.

On to the models! I purchased the Essex 15mm DBA Army Pack from Wargames, Inc. Whom, I must say, were a joy to work with-I ordered on Thursday and got the army on Saturday. Here’s what the bag of lead looked like:

Never mind the Roman General in the corner…

As I excitedly opened the bag I was pleased with what I found, until I opened the bags with my knights in them–heater shields. Not only that, but most of the horse had caparisons, and more than half the knights are wearing full mail hauberks with mittens (plus heater shields). My Knights basically look like they should be more at home in the 2nd and 3rd Crusades. I was sort of mad.

However, being essentially lazy, instead of trying to figure out some way to get the correct packs I figured I would paint them up anyway and potentially morph them into a different army later. In the meantime, I decided that I could simply say the oddballs are from Italy, the correct minis would be from Norman France.

Wanting to get on with the painting, I cleaned up my first stand of spear and crossbow.

I am not the type of painter that can work on 30 figs at a time (I get bored), so I decided I would paint up the army one stand at a time. No, those are not game elements above, I mount them on some balsa wood to get at them a little easier.

Next post will be finished spear!


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