Another Element Done, Plus W.I.P

The following are some new pics for the Crusaders, I also added a gallery page that I will be submitting to Fanaticus, go take a look!

Here is the finished Maronite Bow:

The close-up reveals my “impressionist” style of painting. With 15mm, I soon learned that alot could be achieved with simple splashes of color, as opposed to excruciating numbers of delicate layers that I use in my 28mm work (I’ll post a pic sometime). Anyways, it works really well at arm’s length.

Here’s some work in progress:

One member of my 5Wb element. I decided to paint them up as disgruntled Fatamids. Here’s another shot:

Last, here is a knight:

Here is the army thus far, 1/3 complete:

Alot of this blog has been photographic, and I am very open to suggestions if there is any specific content anyone is interested in, so feel free to comment!

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