Steady On

Hope you like the new look! Work slowed a bit on the Crusaders this weekend due to real life. The 5Wb. element is primed and base-coated and should be finished this week. The Kn. element is coming along nicely and should be finished this week also. The wife is working late all week, so I’ll be able to get alot done. That work will put the army at 50% complete!

I purchased some Greek figs this week from Paul Hannah that will be fielded as either Phokians or Aitolians, not sure yet. They may be painted up for H.O.T.T, or painted up and donated to a friend, we’ll see. If that’s the case, I will be trying Dave Kuijt’s “dip” method for speed.

Last figure related news would be that I spent the evening last night dull-coating my Romans and they look much better now.

I have been reading a giant book by Theodore A. Dodge about Caesar. I’ve been paying special attention to how Caesar deployed his legions in the Gallic Wars, here’s interesting stuff I’ve learned that could apply to DBA, and the Marian list in particular:

• Caesar was almost always outnumbered. He dealt with that by trying to get the enemy to split his forces by using diversionary tactics. DBA does not really allow for such uneven match ups; however, sending Psiloi or Light Horse up a flank to draw units out of your opponents main battle line can never hurt!

• Caesar also evened the odds by very fast marches, forcing his enemy to fight on Caesar’s terms. Although I have never tried it, if you win the terrain roll, you could place a road that goes from your edge of the board to your opponent’s side, deploy in column and move twice. Good luck getting into lines quickly though.

• Caesar would park his army on hill to get an advantage in missile fire, and of course, to have his enemy fighting an uphill battle. Gentle hills work well for this effect in DBA. You can move your army onto one without breaking up your line (since it’s good going) and force your opponent to fight at -1, which is nasty against your blades (+5 vs +3, or +2 vs most foot and mounted with the negative modifier).

• Caesar was careful to garrison his camps. Pretty straight forward, a unit of Blade defending a camp fights at +7, making the camp a very difficult nut to crack. Definitely enough to run off those pesky Light Horse and Psiloi making a go at your camp.

I’ll post more nuggets as I come across them. Next update should have pics of completed elements!


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  1. Menic says:

    Ay athanasius!
    I love to hear you reading about Caesar. Perhaps you already read the real thing, the book written by the man himself. I do once in a while and it’s qiute fluently written (the german translation i mean :)) I have to visit the libraries here in Switzerland to get that book you mentioned.

    C.J.Caesar was a gambler in his wild years and very opportunistic when choosing his friends. He slaughtered whole gallic tribes just for his powerplay in Rome. And his books are pure propaganda. But it’s a challenge reading between the lines especially when things didn’t quite turn out the way he wanted them to.

    And I like these fastforwardroadmoves in DBA too.But it’s a pity you never know which is going to be your base-edge untill after setting up terrain…if I’m not mistaken on the rules 2.2….

    Greetz from a fellow Fanaticus

  2. Athanasius says:

    Thanks for commenting Menic! Your blog is a sheer joy, and I love all the careful work you put into your figs. Every time I visit I tell myself I need to paint up a 25mm army!

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