Shifting Gears

Well I had a good time at our first DBA session at Gamers Haven this past Sunday.  One of the things that happened was my purchasing an entire unpainted Thracian army off of Jim Kaspar.  The Thracians are a good choice because they are enemies of my Marians; in fact, they fought just about everyone, so they are useful for me when playing against most everyone I know (books I & II are very popular here), plus my friend is getting into the game and he prefers classical.  The upshot is that I am putting the crusaders on hold until I finish off my Thracians.  Continuing my enemies of Rome theme, I have put a bid in on some Old Glory Gauls on Ebay.

I also updated my Win/Loss record-go take a look–I appear to be getting good at this game!

Thracian pics later this week.

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  1. Guy says:

    I will put 18 mars 2007 in line an artcile about your website well-done

    we are :
    Le site d’une association de Jeux d’Histoire avec figurines : Des règles Historiques avec DBA, Dogfigh, LOTOW. Des règles Fantastiques avec le Seigneur des Anneaux SdA le jeu de bataille, Warhammer 40K, Star Wars Miniatures Starship Battles.

  2. Athanasius says:

    Merci de visiter ma page Web! Please forgive my French!

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