Thracians Coming Along

Got some pics of my Tumbling Dice Thracians for you. Sorry about the glare, the shots are a tad over-exposed. I’ll get some more up when I finish a couple more elements.

First up is my camp. This is going to be a gold mine, which the Thracians were known for. Does it look anything like a Thracian gold mine? Nope, but it gets the job done. I am going to build a small box with gold in it and put that next to a hoplite that I am adding to the scene. In the background you can see my general and his companions.


Here is an element of light horse, again, sorry about the brightness.


Here is everything I had done at the time of the photos. I have since finished my command element. You can see a psiloi fig mounted for painting in the background.



One last picture of them all lined up.

I am really excited to field these guys on the 15th of this month. I have been play-testing them on DBAOL for a couple of weeks. They are hard to learn, but once you get the dance down, it’s a wonderful thing to behold. Some things coming up for the blog: A list of upcoming painting projects. I will be looking at what I need for Historicon, and maybe Origins. I will also be working on the Fanaticus Worldwide DBA Campaign blog. I am also going to do a series of articles on how to get into the DBA hobby if you don’t come from a war-gaming or mini-painting hobby. Look for some strategy articles also.




Can anyone guess who that is?  No, it’s not Kris Christopherson!




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  1. Menic says:

    brother! they shure look nice…I’m starting to get used to 15mm especially when I look at your figs. There ARE possibilities painting-wise after all, I know can see that.


    P.S. hararrrrChris Christofferson hihi! Let me guess: Philipp of Macedonia, father of Al?

  2. Athanasius says:

    Glad you like the figs Menic; too bad the camera flash washed out most of the details. The coin is actually Antigonas Gonatas. I’m building the army to go after Philistinejim’s Pyrric army. 🙂

  3. Menic says:

    ay athanasius
    A few hints for good mini-photographs if you don’t mind:
    Don’t use the flash, it kills the atmosphere, get a tripod for your camera instead to allow long exposure times to capture the warm light.
    Light: avoid direct lighting of your figs when making fotographs. try either indirect light (halogen pointing to ceiling or white wall) or break the direkt beam with semi transparent chalk paper stuck infront of the bulb.
    If the foto seems to be just a little to dark, use photoshop to lighten it up. But most important thing is sharpness.
    Your paining: I especially like the guys with the crescent-formed shields, not sure how they are called…peltasts?

  4. Athanasius says:

    Thanks for the advice! Yes, those are peltasts.

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