Progress Report

Just a brief note for you about what’s happening:

I got my reservations for Historicon!

I’ll be changing the page order a bit in the gallery. Instead of just one page of several galleries, there will be links to separate gallery pages. I will also be re-shooting the Roman gallery and adding my Thracians.

Here’s the schedule of upcoming armies:

  • I/48. Thracians – 9/12 elements + camp completed.
  • II/18e. Asiatic Early Successor (Antigonos Gonatas) Sort of started-see last post.
  • I/52h. Early Hoplite Greek (Phokian, for a friend, also for Wimp Wars at Historicon)
  • IV/7. Early Crusader – 6/12 elements + camp completed.
  • II/49. Marian Roman (for BBDBA, still considering allies, maybe LPIA)

Armies I want to paint (no particular order):

  • II/30. Galatian
  • II/37. Parthian
  • Successor and Alexandrian Morph
  • II/5. Later Hoplite Greek (Athens and Sparta)
  • I/26. Later Mycenaean and Trojan War
  • IV/1a. Komnenan Byzantine

Thanks to my lovely wife for helping me make 2 DBA gaming boards!

Thanks also to the Golden Horde for featuring my blog! (I’ve provided a link to an English translation, scroll about half way down.)

Next post will be my completed Thracians!

*I just noticed that all the armies I want to build are centered around the same geographical areas of ancient Greece and Asia Minor…interesting.

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