Updated Painting Schedule

Now that the Thracians are done I am posting an updated schedule of armies.  First off are my Early Crusaders who were languishing half-finished while I painted up the Thracians.

Here’s the schedule of upcoming armies in order:

  • IV/7. Early Crusader – 7/12 elements + camp completed. Will be morphed to Later Crusader.
  • Matched army for Crusaders, undecided at this point, probably Turks.
  • II/18e. Asiatic Early Successor (Antigonos Gonatas) Sort of started.
  • I/52h. Early Hoplite Greek (Phokian, for a friend, also for Wimp Wars at Historicon)
  • II/49. Marian Roman (for BBDBA, still considering allies, maybe LPIA)

Armies I want to paint (no particular order):

  • II/30. Galatian
  • II/37. Parthian
  • Successor and Alexandrian Morph
  • II/5. Later Hoplite Greek (Athens and Sparta)
  • I/26. Later Mycenaean and Trojan War
  • IV/1a. Komnenan Byzantine
  • Also kicking around ideas for Muslim and Hindu Indians, Later Samurai, and Norse Viking.

I’ve also added a bit of fluff to the galleries that tells the history my particular armies.  Pics of in-progress Crusaders coming next post.


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