Ebay? Maybe…

Hello again! I’ve wanted to post sooner but it’s been a tad busy. I resurrected my desktop and I’m frustrated over the fact that Fujifilm does not offer a free download of their software (Finepix Viewer) that they shipped with my camera for transferring images to my hard drive. So I’ve got pics I want to post and I’m figuring what I’m going to do about software because I seem to have misplaced my installation disk.

I completed a trade for some new Early Crusader spearmen that actually look appropriate. This leads me to thinking that I may finish my Essex version and sell it on Ebay.

My lust for retro figs continues with enough Mike’s Models figs to morph my II/18e Macedonian Early Successor army into Alexandrian Mac./Imp. and the other Successor armies. I’m also getting my hands on a small amount of “strip” MiniFigs Hoplites. If you have any please let me know, as I am trying to complete an army of them. I’m also looking for cavalry and skirmishers. If you want to deal, you can contact me at this address: portertm at gmail dot com

Hopefully I will have some more pics for you this week.


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  1. ihog says:

    Re your finepixs issue. If you connect you Camera direct though a USB and use My Computer it shows up as an extra drive. In there is a folder called Fuji 100 I think. Your images are in there. Interestingly enough I have a spare copy of the disc that came with my FP 6900 if you need it.

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