I’ve decided not to sell my Early Crusaders; in fact, I’m trying to get them finished in time for Drums ’08.  I managed to scrounge two pictures for this quick post.  One is of my Crusaders, the other is an element of pikes.

 Four elements to go to complete the army.  I have to paint up one more spear element and three more knight elements.

 Not the best quality picture, but it’s better than nothing!  This is an element from my Mike’s Models Successor army.  These pics are a couple weeks old now and I’ve made much more progress.

More updates coming soon!


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  1. David says:

    Really enjoying the blog!
    I am a lapsed wargamer, this means I buy lots of magazines, look at lots of websites and buy the occasional figures, but never paint them!
    I am interested in all areas of history which makes it difficult to concentrate on one area!
    However I think with the inspiration fron your blog and Fanaticus even I might be able to paint a DBA army, now to decide which one?
    cheers and keep up the good work

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