Some 25mm Work

First off, go to I.H.O.G (International House of Gaming) to check out another perspective from Drums ’07. Concerning today’s update, I was doing some more photo experimentation last night and took some pictures of 25mm figs I have been working on for a while. I’ll probably never finish them, since no one around here plays LOTR, or Mordheim. Maybe I can get some HOTT games going?

Here’s a Mordheim Dwarf. From the GW Dwarf line.
All the painting is Non-Metallic Metal (NMM).


Here’s another, this is a GW Rune Priest that was going to double as an Engineer for my warband. This is a re-paint. My focus so far has been on painting the standard.


A GW Eomer model. Sorry about the bad lighting, my flash refused to go off.
Here are two more angles.




Up next are some Crusader spear and knights:


That’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll have some more for you this week!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Menic says:

    Ay Mike
    I like your work on Eomer. Not too flashy colours, looks more realistic. War is a dirty business after all. And 25mm feels like home to me 😉

    Greetz Menic

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