Macedonians Finished

Ok, got the Army of Antigonos Gonatas finished!

That’s the first army in my “Mother of All Morphs”, as Paul Hannah put it. A big thanks to Paul for giving me all those wonderful retro Mike’s Models-my favorite miniatures now! Go take a look at the gallery for a gander.

I also raided Pat Catan’s this weekend and made off with some cool stuff. Check out these trees I got-$1.59 for a package of two!

I also got this tube of plastic Egyptian stuff, with two cool models to use for a BUA for NKE or Ptolemaic armies. $5.00 got me about 10 plastic figs, some also useful for Barker Markers. The ones below are about 20-25mm tall.

I have also begun a a small campaign with my friends. Click here, or here, to check it out.


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  1. Xavi says:

    Hello, just poping in to mention that the (really cool) pictures of the army are OVER the text instead of alongside it. You can read nil because of the pictures.

    Cool army, in any case. Retro-looking, but* cool! 🙂


    *In case you consider to be retro-looking to be a negative point, that is! 😛

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks for compliments Xavi, thanks also for mentioning the technical issue. I use Firefox and it looks just fine, I assume the same for Netscape. The problem appears to be with IE (of course). I’ll see if I can fix it!

  3. Xavi says:

    I use IE at work (no option to use firefox there 😦 ), that is where I detected the problem. At home, with firefox it looks just fine.

    I am about to start my cartho project and looking at your site and other similar ones I think I might give a shot to this thingy of blog-building to encourage me to paint 🙂



  4. Mike Porter says:

    Go for it Xavi! I look forward to it!

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