The New Project List (Revised)

With the influx of some new armies I figured I would revise the list.

  • Got to finish elements for the Macedonian BBDBA army and morphing options. BBDBA will take care of most of the morphing options, but I am especially eager to work on the Later Ptolemaic list II/20. (d) (Achillas) to fight my Marians in Alexandria.
  • 72 Medieval foot for a commission (Yes, I do commissions now).
  • I/56. (b) Kyrenean Greek. Culled from the Pass-O-The North Carthaginian range.
  • Finish my Early Crusaders and paint a Turkish army for campaign with the guys from I.H.O.G
  • Finish the two elements of Triarri I got to morph my Marians into Polybian Roman.
  • II/32. Later Carthaginian for the above Punic War campaign. I’m going with Pass’ O the North for these figs. Looking to purchase them at Historicon.
  • III/20b Early T’ang-Courtesy of Paul H. of Seattle. To be finished in time for Fall-In, where we will meet for battle.
  • Three yet-to-be-decided Biblical/Chariot age armies.

My Macedonian camp is just about finished. I promise pictures tonight of all works-in-progress.

One Comment Add yours

  1. ihog says:

    Yep I can add to the project upcoming, finish the Anglo Normans to act as Crusader Kingdoms Troops. Finish my Turks to beat on the Crusaders. Get some Armenians to beat on whoever annoys them.
    Dan J

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