Quick W.I.P

Just a quicky. An Aquilifer and some Kyreneans.


AB Miniatures Aquilifer in progress. Being specially painted for the “Fortune’s Favorite” event at Historicon. As with my other Romans: Non-Metallic-Metal style


My new favorite miniatures line: Pass-O-the-North. I used the Foundry 3-Step method with them. These guys paint up like 25mm figs. I can’t say enough great things about them. So much detail. For instance, look above and you’ll notice that I was able to detail the knuckles of the right hand!




That’s it for now. Another update coming soon!

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  1. Xavi says:

    Hi there. Cool miniatures 🙂 In fact I think that the pictures put them in much better light than what you can see in the PotN website!! In a sense the PotN website has the same problem as the Corvus Belli one: the minis are much better than what you can appreciate in their official online pictures. Xyston deals better with their pictires than those 2. Maybe I will get some PotN minis, after all….

    Anyway, I would like to ask you about this sentence: “I used the Foundry 3-Step method with them. ”

    What do you refer to with this? I have never heard of this Foundry 3 step method…. Do you refer to the base/shade/highlight combo?


  2. Mike says:

    Hi Xavi, thanks for the compliments! The paint job at POTN is actually what got me to want to paint the figs! Love those red and black and white shields! I am totally in love with my POTN minis and recommend that everyone have at least one POTN army. Jeff Caruso is an awesome guy too!
    As to the Foundry method; yes, it is the base/shade/highlight combo.
    I will be posting a step by step tutorial on the site this week to demonstrate my take on the foundry style.

  3. Xavi says:

    Yeah sure. I meant that your painting looks better than the one in the POTN website, and that this highlights the beauty of the miniatures. In the case of the CB miniatures the effect is even more pronounced: the pictures in their website do not give the miniatures any justice. They are much better than whyat they appear to be there!! The same happened to me with the POTN minis and your site 🙂

    Careful with the spears! they are getting paint from other parts of the mini!



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