Connectivity Issues & Updates

Greetings. I’m sorry I have not been able to post anything lately. Unfortunately, it appears that my cable modem’s power source died on Monday and has prevented me from uploading any new pics. (This, after having USB cable difficulties with the camera). I’m due to get a new modem tonight or tomorrow and hopefully will have the time to post some stuff. I hope to finish my Early Crusaders in the next few days, so I will be adding those to the gallery. I am also adding a Commissions page to show my progress on that. I write to you from work right now.

In the meantime, here is what I will be working on for Historicon:

  • 2 elements of additional blades for my Marian army for the Fortune’s Favorites event, and a refurbished camp. Status: about 1/8 complete.
  • 2 elements of warband, 2 elements of pike, 2 cavalry elements, and one elephant for the BBDBA Doubles event. Status: about 2/7 complete.
  • A full 25mm II/5d Later Hoplite Greek Thessalian army. Shoot me now…

Here are the events I plan on participating in at Historicon:

  • Wednesday, 25 July 2007
    Wimp Wars
    Special Theme Tourney
  • Thursday, 26 July 2007
    Fortune’s Favorites (Marian Civil War, I am one of the 3 Triumvir attempting to enter Rome under arms.)
  • 6-10pm
    The XXVmm Open Tournament (“The Doug Mudd Open”)
    Scale: 25mm
    Standard DBA tournament play with 25mm figures on 3 foot by 3 foot battlefields.
  • 10pm ?
    Midnight Madness (The “David Ray Open”)
    Single-elimination DBA open tournament.
  • Friday, 27 July 2007
    9am – 6pm
    Big Battle Doubles (The “Tony Bath Memorial”)
  • 7-11pm
    Baltic Crusades
    DBA Theme Tournament
  • Saturday, 28 July 2007
    9:30am – 12:30pm
    DBA Walk-in Clinic: Learn DBA from the Masters (I am no master, but I will be helping Marty with this.)
  • 11am
    I’ll head over to the Freehand painting clinic to see if I can pick up some tips.
  • 2-6 pm
    “Not the NICT” Open Tourney
    Scale: 15mm
    (Curse you and your Vikings Bob Lohman!!)
  • 7-10pm
    The Gothic Wars – 379 AD
    Tabletop Mini Campaign

I am also planning on entering a single model and a unit model in the painting contest. Not sure what size yet; probably 25mm.

I was going to participate in the Sunday Theme event, but my Niece is getting married that day, so I’ll be heading out in the morning. The only iffy event for me is the the 25mm event; I will really have to bust my rear to get my 25mm Greeks painted up in time. Maybe I’ll be able to borrow an army instead. Thank you to Jeff Caruso for offering me a spare bed on Wed. night! I’m not sure about what I will be taking for the “Not the NICT” yet. So far I suck at using my Early Macedonian Successors, as David Kuijt warned, they are tough to use. Philistinjim gave me some excellent advice on using them, so we’ll see if that works out for me in the Macedonian Campaign. I can rock the house with my Thracians, but it might be a tad boring for me. The Early Crusaders will be done, but they never seem to do well at open tourneys (Although, neither do Thracians …). Marians will get plenty of use on Thursday, so I probably won’t feel like using them. I can morph any Macedonian or Successor army except Seleucids. I don’t know, any suggestions?

I also did a big update to the Victory and Defeat page, I am now tracking my tournament stats. I deleted the sidebar navigation to the gallery to clean up some of the clutter, you may now access it from one of the buttons at the top of the page right under the header. I added a visible stat-counter too. I’m closing in on 10,000 hits! Not bad considering this site has only been around for 6 months, thank you!

Last, I hope to post a step-by-step how to paint a 15mm figure soon.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Xavi says:

    Suggestion: Go for the Ptolemaics (c) if you want pikes and successors. The problem I find with the Late Macs is the 6 Pks: it is powerful, but reduces their flexibility a little bit IMO.

    The ptolemaics have a nice combo of troops, including 1 elephant and 1 Bd to escort your pikes and form a fairly decent centre line with your general. Tip: I have found that deploying 2 pikes-KnG-2 pikes is a fairly good combo to ensure max effectiveness from your general against foot. Hit with the flanking pikes first to isolate the enemy element before smashing it with the Kn.

    Along with 2 Ax and 1 Ps to contest some bad going (with the potential to also use the Bd there, never forget that! The Bd is your reserve element, to use where needed and appropiate) they can do OK in most areas.

    Can you see I like this list? πŸ˜› I am quite intent on getting one of those in the near future, probably with a seleucid morph. But I have given it quite some thought already. It seems like a good combined arms team to me πŸ™‚

    Or ditch it all and morph a pure warband/Ax force with your thracians! πŸ˜› Some book 3 armies can have those and a few mounted for sure. πŸ˜‰



  2. Mike says:

    Ptolemaic is definitely on the way, I have enough figs to do all the successor morphs, excepting Seleucids. Specifically, I know I am doing the later Ptolemaic list for my “Caesar in Alexandria” scenarios I will be working on after Historicon.

  3. Xavi says:

    So you are going for them? I would take option C over option D any time of the week, specially since the presence of 1 or 2 blades max (I would get 1) makes for much more variety over the Bd army of the marians or the Ax thracian army that you played in the previous competition. πŸ™‚

    Go Pointy sticks!! πŸ˜€


  4. Xavi says:


    Yesterday I played with my Sub-human brits (c) against the Ptolemaics (c) list

    Lists were
    Brits: 2 Cv, 1 LH, 4 Sp, 2 Wb, 2 Ax, 1 Ps
    Ptolemaics: 2 Kn, 1 LH, 1 Ellie, 4 Pk, 1 Bd, 2 Ax, 1 Ps

    I won 4-3, but more because my opponent was a newbie than anything. It was more a class than a real engagement. After the battle I became convinced that if I had command of the ptolemaics I could have rolled over the subroman brit list. It is TOUGH as a list, and the combos of troops do well with one another. Somewhat lacking in BGo troops, with only 3 elements (plus the Bd to support if necessary) sao you can only contest ONE piece of BGo, but it is a good list with a really strong complement of GGo troops.

    I would not doubt to bring this army to an open tournament. In fact, I just acquired a (morphable) xyston Alex boxed set πŸ˜‰

    Just FYI πŸ™‚



  5. Mike says:

    Jim Kasper has informed me that he has the blade figs I need to do my Ptolemaic morph, yipee!

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