Spartan Invasion & Rise of the Machines

I now own some Spartans (picture is from Ebay).

Purchased from Ebay for a mere $45.00. Although the painting is not really up to my standards, the paint-job looks fine from a distance and makes for a good loaner army. The army consists of 12 Sp; I’m looking to pick up one element of Cv to make the army playable as both Early/Later Hoplite (Spartan).

I haven’t gotten much painting done for some reason-I think I’ve hit some burnout…but the Early Crusaders are about 2 hours from being finished, I just have to sit down and do it.

As a distraction, my latest BEAM robotics project is coming along. I recently purchased and assembled a Tamiya twin-motor gearbox to make a tracked Photovore, which I don’t think I have ever seen before. I went with the twin motor so I could implement obstacle avoidance. I’m still trying to figure out the power source since I went with the 207:1 gear ratio.  It’s a funny hobby for me to have, since my Math skills are bad and I have no ability to read schematics. Somehow I manage.

We blew past 10,000 hits-Thanks!

Only 21 more painting days until Historicon, yikes!! Better get back to the brushes!

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