Historicon Report #1

Not a whole lot to report just yet, since the con has not yet officially begun. Dicemanrick and Lobotomy from Fanaticus ran the Whimpy Wars event for us early birds. Entrants were: Mike O’Neil, Bob Koffman, Dave Dougherty, Hank Dapalski, Mike Porter, Ron Giampapa, Jeff Caruso, Bob Spencer, Mark Bumala, Steve Baier, Jon Baldwin and Mark Stricker.

Bob Spencer’s Hittites facing off against my Thracians.

I went 3-0 to win (qualifying for the N.I.C.T., though I’m not sure which one); Mark Striker was an extremely close second-just 2 points behind. Also, Steve Baier should have beat me (a blind chimp could have deployed better than I did), but he had one of the worst runs of “1’s” I have ever seen.

Special thanks to RonG. for his tips.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. jmeunier says:

    Huzzah! Good luck the rest of the weekend.

  2. Philistine Jim says:

    Chalk one up for Cleveland!

    Kill Em All! And let God sort em out!


  3. David Schlanger says:

    Mike – You are now qualified for DBA NICT 2008! 🙂

    Btw, sorry I tried to “off” you in the Gothic Wars… nothing personal.


  4. Mike says:

    Thanks for confirming my qualification David-I’m stoked!

    Apology accepted about the assassination attempt; however, pay-back’s a beotch!

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