Historicon Report #2

The gaming began in earnest today, beginning with the much anticipated Fortune’s Favorites event run by Jeff Caruso.

Rome at peace. Not for long though.


The players poured in, each claiming for either the Senate or Triumvirate. Once Jeff covered the rules, the game was afoot. I believe there were 14 armies in play!

The armies advance. This is a view from the Senate side. You can see my army advancing towards Rome straight through the middle of a valley-and there they would stay the rest of the game, stymied by Roland Fricke.


The wily Roland Fricke measuring how long it will take for him and Mike O’neil to team up and ride down my light troops.

Here is where most of the action happened. A big ol’ mashup! This battle was dominated by light troops-until they killed each other off and the blades finally moved in. This area is where Rich Baier bit the dust. Shortly after that, we lost our right flank with the loss of an allied general. What was interesting about the game was that it was dominated by the light, faster moving troops. Many legionaries never manged to make it into battle. What a great time. Special thanks to Jeff Caruso for GM’ing the game.


Midnight Madness

Steve Baier and Doug Mudd facing off.

Let me just say, I am playing really well. I have played six 1 on 1 games so far and have won five. Which leads us to Midnight Madness.

My first game was against Fuedal English and I took my Early Crusaders (Yes, they are done! 4x4Kn, 5x4Sp, 1x5Wb, 1x3Cb, 1x2Ps). Sparing you the details, it was a mauling, I won 4-0. Second game was against Mayans-and I won terrain. 🙂 I put a postage stamp out and began the slaughter, I won 4-1 (I lost a Cb. to his Bd. general). I faced the affable Larry Chaban in the third round-what a disaster. He played Eastern Franks. Basically, I lost every combat except when my Wb was chasing his Psiloi across the board, and I managed to kill one of Knights. I lost 1-4. It was a great ride, and I really enjoyed taking my Crusaders for a spin.

The picture says it all doesn’t it. David Kuijt giving a wag of the finger to his opponent.

Tomorrow we can look forward to BBDBA Doubles!





2 Comments Add yours

  1. PhilistineJim says:

    BBDBA: I can not see my boys, I must see how my boys are doing!

    Give em Hell Mike!

  2. David Kuijt says:

    I think the “me wagging finger” battle was my Glorious Arab Conquest fighting Bob Spencer’s Classical Indian army in the quarter-finals of Midnight Madness.

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