Historicon Report #3

Greetings, and thanks for waiting. This update will be mostly pictures because I overslept and need to hurry back to the con!

BBDBA Doubles

Facing off against Steve Baier and Doug Mudd, with their Marian triple threat.

My partner Alex and I took Early Macedonian Successors with Hellenistic Spartan allies. (We had to take the allies because I forgot some of my recently painted figs at home! Sorry Jim! Maybe we’ll use them at Fall In!) Anyways, the thing that sucked was that we had low aggression and didn’t have the sense to place the Spartans last, because our opponents focused on breaking the Spartan command as their key to victory-which happened over and over again. After facing an all blade army, we went on to face2 armies with a minimum of 9 elephants each. Take a guess where they aimed the elephants. Here’s a clue: it wasn’t aimed at the pikes. You should note, that at this point no winner has been announced, since they have one more round to play. The Davids are not in first place at this point I believe. They looked like they were playing Sung Chinese. Here are some pics to enjoy.

The Romans call down the power of the all powerful Doug Mudd index finger upon the poor Spartans.

Typical of the Spartans yesterday.

The Dark Tower. A view of the Two David’s camp.

Davids Schlanger and Kuijt face off against Marty Schmitt and Tony Aguilar.

Baltic Crusades

What a riot! Very interesting scenarios and game boards compliments of WADBAG.

The smiles say it all.

Day four coming soon, I’m off to the con!


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  1. David Kuijt says:

    Our army was Ming Chinese with a Burmese ally — coneheads riding picnic tables on elephants.

    Our Grand Bamboo Battery was something to behold. Strong knights wept! (Teutonic Knights, charging forward under Mark Pozniak, were listening to Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” on the i-Pods under their helmets. Their ride had more to do with the Charge of the Light Brigade than the Ride of the Valkyries — the slaughter was tremendous, as multiple assaults were driven back in blood and explosions.)

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