Historicon Addendum

I forgot to mention my purchases!

Museum Miniatures were on sale for 10 cents per foot, and 20 cents per mounted, so I got Seljuk Turk and Komemnan Byzantine armies for $12.00 total-all options! Turks will be painted first, after finishing Andy Swingle’s medievals.

I picked up 2 packs of Corvus Belli Early Imperial Roman auxiliaries, and a pack of Essex Ballistae to morph my Marians into Early Imperial.

I grabbed 2 Buaeda camps for my Turks and Byzantines.

I got a pack of Little Big Man transfers for hoplite shields.

About 40 or so assorted Litko bases (magnetic).

I also purchased the rules for HOTT!

Last, following Paul Hannah’s advice, I purchased several packs of really nice 3D hills to use as terrain.

*I also updated my win/loss record to reflect the events of Historicon. If anyone can fill in the gaps, or has records of my elements lost and the inclination to tell me, please let me know because I’m a bit fuzzy.

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