First BUA

In between slapping paint on medievals I managed to work on a BUA for my Crusaders and eventually Byzantines. Not really impressive yet, it does, however, look cooler from above.

Made from simple wood blocks, it features walls, a gate, and cruciform basilica. Mosque-bait for my Turks…

It’s also an experiment for making city terrain for my Caesar In Alexandria scenario.

Early Crusaders  were finished for Historicon (thanks Andy 🙂 ) and have been added to the Gallery page.  Look for a wad of finished Medieval foot on Friday on the Commissions page.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tony Aguilar says:

    Mike, looks like this is gonna be a cool one! I look forward to seeing how it develops.

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks Tony! Great to meet you at Historicon, too. I am using this as template to build a much larger Constantinople at a later date. Chris Brantley’s at Gothic Wars was awesome!

    One thing I was considering doing for this was making a removable minaret to use in possible scenarios where the city can be contested by both sides (Christian and Muslim).

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