DBA Tournament 8/4/07

This past Saturday I ran an open DBA tournament at the Northern Ohio Wargaming Society Minicon in Berea Ohio. I sceduled a Learn-to-Play session followed by 3 rounds of Swiss style play. Points were determined using the NASAMW scoring method.

We had 7 players show up, and I jumped in as the 8th. Luckily, when one dropped out we had someone interested in playing the last round.

I only had to teach two players out of the total that showed up (one at the beginning, and one who subbed in in the last round when one player had to drop out). The rest of the players had played DBA numerous times, and a couple were regulars at our monthly DBA game day.

Most armies fell into the Roman Classical period, the exception being some Successor armies and my Early Crusaders, the only Medieval army.


1st Mike Porter – Early Crusaders 71 pts.
2nd Joshua Bobrosky – Ptolemy Kouranos 29 pts.
3rd Carl Scheu III – Middle Imperial Roman West 28 pts.
4th Doug W. – Gallic (dropped out final round) 27 pts.
5th Carl Scheu IV – Middle Imperial Roman East 26 pts.
5th Aaron Dippong – EHG Spartan 26 pts.
5th Robert Lohman – Antigonos Gonatas 26 pts.
6th Joseph Dippong – Thracian 1 pt.
7th Steven Anderson – Early German (Played only one round) 0 pts.

Joe Dippong measuring a wheel in his game against his nephew Aaron.

Carl Scheu III considering options for his Middle Imperial Romans.

Carl Scheu IV goes in for the kill against Josh Bobrosky’s Successors.

Middle Imperial Roman East vs. Gauls


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jmeunier says:

    Great report and great blog. Looks like you are doing good things for DBA in your neck of the woods.

  2. Mike Porter says:

    Thanks for the kind words, and do stop by often! I’m looking forward to meeting you on the 17th-18th!

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