Commission Pics

Here are some pics of Andy Swingle’s medieval foot I’m working on.  The lighting killed some nice highlight work, but I think they still came out nicely.

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  1. Andy Swingle says:

    Holy Cow!! I know you said you paint too slow.. But those are awsome.. If i give you like a year.. Will you paint me an army.. ill give you even long if you need it! I have some Ghaznavids or Fanatic Berbers im looking to get..

  2. Dave Welch says:

    Whoa! Extremely nice!

    On your shields, you have black lines in between the colors. How do you get the lines to be “fuzzy” like that? What I mean is the fade effect from black to the color (like the white or blue in the middle figure within the fourth picture up from the bottom).

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the compliment!

    Unfortunately, my camera work makes those lines look black, but they are actually the base, or first, color of the shield. The “fuzzy” lines are achieved through a painstaking highlighting process of using thinned paint (about the consistency of milk) and essentially pushing it around the shield, building up layer after layer with progressively lighter color.

    I’ll demonstrate this in my upcoming painting guide.

  4. peleset says:

    Nice to see some 15mm figures done well in a hobby that seems to focus overwhelmingly on 25mm plus.
    A bit of inspiration for this slow unispired plodder is much needed.

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