Shield Close Ups

Dave Welch’s question prompted me to post some close up pics of the shields I recently painted. The technique will be shown in my painting guide. Keep in mind that some of the effect is lost when you enlarge a 15mm miniature to about 50mm. 🙂

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  1. Andy Swingle says:

    I will say his painting is top notch! The figs look good online.. I just got the first batch in the mail today.. They are breath taking. Its no wonder why it took him longer to paint my guys than he thought.. I cant say enough good things about them.. cheers!

  2. Dave Welch says:

    So if I understand your response in the last post correctly, you’re priming black and using a process that I heard someone else call “Wash Painting”.

    I’m still pretty new to painting minis, although I’ve read a number of the painting guides on Fanaticus. I look forward to reading your painting guide!

    Are either of you guys going to ATC? It would be great to have a look at these, or other Mike Porter Originals, without the digital camera in the way.

  3. Mike says:

    That’s right Dave. But I don’t usually prime black; I did this time because many of Andy’s figs were already primed black. I normally like to prime with brown because it tend to help things blend together, which I think is more natural. Black tends to be a bit too harsh for my style, which is very “impressionistic”. Which is why you would probably be disappointed if you inspected my own collection too closely. The reason being is that I just dab here or there, just giving the impression of form and 3 dimensionality. Really, they should be viewed 2-3 feet away; close inspection reveals flaws and hasty technique. I’ll explain further in the painting guide.

    I only used the wash technique on the shields because 15mm is otherwise too small. For 25mm and up, I use the wash a lot.

    I won’t be at ATC this year (doing Fall In! and Cold Wars), but I plan on attending next year, hopefully to run a Giant Battle DBA event. I will be at the BBDBA tourney this weekend though. Andy will at both. The figs that I painted for Andy are not representative of all my figs. I put twice my normal effort into his, so my other armies won’t compare. My Pass O’the North Kyreneans (pulled from Jeff’s Later Cartho line)will be my first army painted to the standard I used to paint Andy’s figs.

    To Andy: You flatter me too much, but I’m glad you like them, and hope they were worth the wait. I’m currently slaving away on the rest of the figs!

  4. Bob Mcleish says:


    You mentioned above that you use a brown primer. Is there a particular shade of brown you use, or does it vary according to the finished colour you’re aiming for..?

    Bob Mcleish

  5. Mike says:

    Hi Bob,
    I use Games Workshop Bestial Brown exclusively. I have been dabbling with white spray primer on a current project, but I’m not totally pleased with it. I’ll probably keep using the brown. On stuff that is going to stay brown: leather, wood, horses, I use a wash of GW Scorched Brown (over the Bestial Brown base coat), then highlight with Bestial Brown again. Keep in mind that the commission figs. have a black base coat.

    I will be demonstrating my technique in detail very soon.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Mike Demana says:

    Awww…sorry to hear that you won’t be at ATC this September, Mike. Would it help to entice your wife with all the outlet malls and antique shows that are in the area…hmmm? Seriously, we’d love to have you, but understand if you can’t make it.

    And I echo the praise of Mike’s figs. Now, if he’d just choose a subject that was better SCULPTED than those Mikes Models figs…! Ha, just kidding. I should offer to sell/trade to you what Mikes Models I have…!

    Mike Demana

  7. Mike says:

    Email me whatever Mike’s Models you want to get rid of Mike! 🙂

    Would everyone feel better if I painted some Xyston figs? I am planning to sell my old Thracians and paint up a Xyston set with a super-duper paint job and scenic bases. I also want to paint up a Xyston Athenian army.

    Not going to ATC this year was a tough choice, but I really wanted to go to Fall-In this year and I couldn’t do both (besides, I’m still earning vacation time, and if I went to ATC I would get docked).

    My hope is to go to ATC next year.

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