More BBDBA Pictures

Thought I would add a couple more pics from Saturday’s BBDBA tournament in Columbus.  The more I reflect on it, the more I like BBDBA.  I can’t wait to play again!

Rich Kurman moving his Classical Indians closer to Jim Kasper’s Syracusans.

John Lawitzke’s Numidians crushing my left flank.  Also, my knights and auxilia chasing John’s blades and jumbos – on blue astro-turf.

Eric Luczaj’s Later Polish vs. Steve Verdoliva’s Early Crusaders

3 Comments Add yours

  1. itchysama says:

    Thanks for the pics – man I love BBDBA!!!

    Alan Spencer

  2. MrF says:

    Now then Mike, Great site..well done mate.

    Jack & I love playing DBA, especially BBDBA.
    Looks like you have toured a few shows, do you have a favourite BBDBA Army?

    All the Best
    MrF (& Jack!)

  3. Mike Porter says:

    Thanks for stopping by MrF, you have a great site as well.

    BBDBA is great, but right now I have no favorite army. Antigonos Gonatas has done well for me. I can field that or Later Macedonian, or Alexandrian Imperial w/Classical Indian ally.

    I’m thinking LIR East with LPIA Nomad as my next army. I also have enough (unpainted) figs to do Marian Roman or Polybian Roman BB armies.

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