The Lunch Project

The next page in my painting guide will be published this evening, so please check back.*

*Or so I thought. I am doing a  little re-write to be a bit more comprehensive, which requires some more photos of steps I initially left out of an earlier batch of figs. The page will be up soon though, before Tuesday.

In the meantime, here are some pics of what I’ve been working on during my lunch break. (Evening time is set apart for Andy’s figs, which are shown in the guide photos tonight.)

Mike’s Models Koreans. I’m using them as Koryo Korean. 3Bw (actual figs are Cb), and 4Sp.

The Korean Lh, with a Greek officer for my Macedonians.

Greek spear (more Mike’s models) for my Mighty Morphin’ Mike’s Models Macedonians. Little Big Man shield transfers are used.

Macedonian Artillery: the Palintonon, three tons of nastiness!

Another angle.

Tarantine light horse.

I played two awesome Diadochoi battles last night. I was victorious in both; I used Ptolemaic II/20a, and Demetrios (can’t remember the list). I got to use the arty finally! I used it to shoot three times: The first shot killed an elephant, the second recoiled a column of pike, the third missed. Lots of fun, and I see the arty as a wonderful alternative to elephants.


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