Gamers Haven DBA 9/9/07

Just got back a little bit ago from the Gamers Haven. I didn’t play a ton of DBA. I played a game with an old WRG veteran getting into DBA. I supplied the armies. He played Later Macedonian and I played Mithridatic. It was ugly: 4-0 Mithridatic win. The light troops and horse did all the work, with my lone knight killing an Aux. Blades never even made it into the fight. One of the things that comes along with using Macedonian armies a lot is that you learn how to kill them very quickly. Our game lasted less than twenty minutes. I’m sure he’ll brush-up on the rules though and come back to crush me!

Later we played some BBDBA-Polyibian Romans with Gallic Ally vs. Later Macedonian. I commanded the Macedonians with two newbies (Mike commanding the mid-pip pike, and Ben commanding the large, low-pip pike, while I took command of the mounted and light troops). Macedonians defended. Carl Sr. and Jr. commanded the Romans, with Carl Sr. controlling the allies in addition to a Roman command. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish the battle, and we also screwed up and forgot to have Carl roll a separate dice for the allies, which may have changed things for the Romans…maybe. 🙂

We ended the game with the Gallic command broken and nearly obliterated; the Roman C-n-C teetering on destruction, and our low pip pike command being broken on the final bound.

The early bounds. Our mid-pip pike (w/warband) is closest; low pip in the middle, and I am at the far left, opposing the Gauls. The Roman cav. sweeping around the flank made many attempts to crush the Macedonian cav. general but he repelled their attacks (3-1!).

Moments before contact. The Macedonians are bristling! I like the look of the Gauls coming over the hill. My light troops are more than ready for them and the mounted!


The end of the Gauls-in full rout. My command’s mission was accomplished-engage and destroy the Gauls/protect the flank of the big pike block. My C-n-C observes from a safe distance.


The action on the left and middle. The column of Roman cav. becomes an irritant, while the pikes vs. blades becomes bloody. Overall a great time had, and next time we can start a bit earlier (and remember the rules). Everyone put in their best effort!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bruce W. says:

    Um,Mike,was that the table in the corner?Thats no fair,cause thats MY table-Seriously though,I’m gonna have to drag Rich out and make one of those DBA Sundays.

  2. Mike says:

    Yep, that was the corner table. Please do come and join us next month. I’m thinking I would like to try a Hoplite Greek Giant Battle next time.

  3. Ben says:


    That was a fun game. We will have to try again sometime.


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