Solitaire Pt.2

Here is part 2!

The Ptolemaics advance the Phalanx and (stupidly) move the light horse back; the general pauses, and the auxiliaries join the line in bad going. The Romans complete the wheel with one end against the hills, and the left flank capped with the cavalry. The Roman general moves up. Nothing on the far right flank at this point.

Two bounds later. The light horse pulls back to the table edge, hoping the infantry will break the Romans. Multiple recoils on both sides in combat. The Ptolemaics win their right flank, the Romans win their right flank. The Roman column on the left expands into bad going. What are they up to?

Disaster for the Romans! The Ptolemaics break the center of the legionaries! The standards stay in the fray however, with all others recoiling.

The Romans are not giving up though! The blades in bad going make an about-face towards the Ptolemaic flank. The other blades reform the line, while the ROman cavalry pulls back, waiting for its opportunity. The Roman general is not paying attention to where his line is…he thinks he’s keeping the auxiliaries from flanking what is left of his line.

A slightly blurry shot. The light horse is recoiled off the board edge-the blade is within striking distance of the camp! The other blade in bad going tries to tie up the Ptolemaic advance, to no avail, as the phalanx moves ahead anyways. As noted before, a Roman blade recoils into the Roman general and is destroyed. The far Roman right moves forward with plans to strike the mounted from the bad going.

The Roman general orders a withdrawal on the left as the blades head towards the Ptolemaic camp. The Roman right advances with the psiloi inching towards the bad going. The Ptolemaics suffer pip-lock. If the Romans take the camp, they will be victorious.

Two bounds later and it is over. The Ptolemaics fight like mad men and cause the Roman cavalry to flee from the battle (dice scores above: 6-1) while refusing to engage the Roman right.

So close, yet so far…

4 Comments Add yours

  1. David Kuijt says:

    Pike can’t kill Cavalry. Did you mean “recoil off the map?” Or did you make an error…?

  2. Mike Porter says:

    Thanks for pointing that out David, I made the correction to the report. I was tired and sketchy on details when I posted this report!

  3. Xavi says:

    Nice report. I think that the ptolemaic could have played better by attacking in the left in strenght with the elephant and the other mounted (ah! the greatness of posterior insight!), but it is a great report! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing!


  4. CATAFRACTO says:

    Nice report! I like the comments on tactics.

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