Many thanks to Rich, Larry, and Jim who came from Pittsburgh and Columbus respectively to play in our little tourney.

The “Diceman”, not satisfied with plundering Columbus, turned his eyes towards the small enclave of Cleveland DBA players as his next area of conquest (with affable henchman Larry Chaban in tow).


1) Rich Baier – Southern Chinese Dynasty II/79b. – 67pts.
2) Larry Chaban – Later Carthaginian – 53pts.
3) Jim Kasper – E. Etruscan I/55 – 49pts.
4) Jim Randall – Georgian – 24pts.
5) Carl Scheu IV – Middle Imperial Roman West – 16pts.
6) Carl Scheu III – Middle Imperial Roman East – 9pts.

Thanks again to everyone that played, and congrats to Rich on his glorious victory!

DBx Gaming Fuel!

Rich pointing to a dice roll so rare it had to photographed. I’m not convinced!

Jim Randall’s Georgians vs Larry Chaban’s Carthos.

The two Jims battle it out.

We decided we had to quarantine the Steelers fans…

C3 and C4 engage in a Roman Civil War.

Rich was kind enough to satisfy my desire to lose a pick-up game to him. My Mike’s Models Koryo Koreans looking rather dominating…

Doomed! The Chinese annihilate my left flank after my bowmen shoot the Chinese general off his horse. My spearmen just had no luck against the Chinese blades in the center. Great game; Rich won 4-1G.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Bruce W. says:

    I would have loved to come,but I had to work. I havent been to Nowscon since 1993,when Jim ran a matched pairs tourney,I think. I do remember that it was version 1.0,though.

  2. Mike Porter says:

    Bruce, feel free to join us at our regular DBA games every second Sunday at the Gamers Haven. It’s very relaxed, and we can get you up to speed on the current version of DBA!

  3. Tony Aguilar says:

    You guys play every other week…you lucky bastards! I even thought about asking to re-locate to our other plant in Canal Fulton, OH (near Canton) just so I can DBA more than a few times each year.

  4. Mike Porter says:

    I’d play every day if I could! Near Canton you could play in Cleveland and Pittsburgh!

  5. Bruce W. says:

    I swear that I will make it to a DBA sunday,but 60 hour workweeks and a 2 year old dont leave a lot of room.

  6. Tony Aguilar says:

    I’d play every day too…gotta do the Medieval Total War 2 for my gaming fix. Of course I am working on my figs almost every day.

  7. Jim Randall says:

    Mike, thanks for running the tournament.

    I had a good time, and I plan to make one of your Sunday games at the Gamers Haven store.

    I’m working on bringing a couple of friends from Columbus with me.

  8. Bruce W. says:

    Hey Tony,if you do relocate,give me a shout.I live 20 miles south of Canton,and I belong to a small group of 4 that really love DBA!

  9. Rich Baier says:

    Thanks for running the event, was also nice to see some of the OLD N.O.W.S. guys there that we met back in the 80’s.

    Let’s do it again, soon!

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