Erie Day of Games 2007

I just rolled back in from Erie, PA. I headed out this morning to test my hand at using the Graeco-Indians in tourney play. Unfortunately, I seemed to be the only person to show for the tourney! After playing the GM, a couple of guys interested in learning the game sat down and the GM and I taught them how to play. I acted as ref. since the GM was a 1.0 player. So there you go, not a whole lot to report. I did walk away with an Essex Late Imperial Roman West army, so that was cool!

Here a couple shots from my game with the GM.

My Graeco’s VS Camillian Roman.

A shot of the final bound. My Jumbos and heavy foot never made it into combat (except to punish some Ps.). His Cav. did a job on my Bow, killing two. I killed one of his Ps. by shooting it and having it recoil into my Pk. flank. My mounted took out his mounted. His general is shown laying where he fell.  I won 3G-2

A close-up of the dead Roman general. My general is waving his sword in the air as a victory sign.

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