Fall In!

I’m getting in high gear for Fall In! in Gettysburg PA.  Here’s what I’m bringing:

  • BBDBA Army
  • Gallic for the Warbandia event
  • Komnenan Byzantine for the Outremer event
  • Something Hellenistic for the Open (If I play; Jim and I may go to the battlefield)
  • Koryo Koreans for Midnight Madness
  • Byzantines or Early Crusaders for the Crusades Giant Battle
  • If I play in Matched pairs I will bring Alexandrian Imp. & Classical Indians
  • If I play in Themes I’ll bring a classical army (This is another possible battlefield slot)

I’m on pace to finish Andy’s figs this week, but I probably won’t post pics until I get back. I also have to re-shoot my Classical Indians because almost every shot was out of focus.

You can also look forward to nightly coverage of Fall In! right here at the DBA Gamer!

*I have added Jay Wirth’s guide to painting Later Crusaders in the Beginners Painting Guide. Thanks Jay!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy Swingle says:

    whoops! I just sent you an email wondering when they would be finished.. Kindley disregard:-)

  2. Xavi says:

    Do not forget to bring your camera! And reshot your koreans with the Art piece! 😀

    Best wishes for the fall in event 🙂



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