Fall In! 2007 Report Pt. I

At long last, here it is. I’m sorry there are not many pics, but like I said earlier, my camera died. Thanks to the Diceman for the pics!

I drove up to Gettysburg with fellow Clevelander, Jim Kasper (Philistinejim). After checking into our hotel around 11:30pm, Jim wisely got some sleep, while I began to work on my Galatians. I finally finished them up (mostly) around 4:30am and fell asleep around 5am. Then it was back up at 7am to go get registered.

After registration we headed over to the Patton room for BBDBA action. We took Antigonos Gonatas (all Mike’s Models) as our army. We felt pretty good about our chances because Jim won his bracket (3-0) at the G.L.A.D.B.A.G BBDBA tourney over the Summer, and I had gone 2-1 with the same army we were using.

Our first two matches went by very quickly. Jim controlled the two heavy foot commands and I took the mounted and Aux. We fought Saitic Egyptian w/Lybian ally first (I’ll put up names as soon as the results get posted over at Fanaticus), which we had to grind out in the bad going, including hair-raising battles with our pikes vs. psiloi in the bad going! Our next opponents used Seleucids I believe. This match was ugly for our opponents because our deployment forced their mounted to deploy on their far left, rendering them useless for the most part. Jim held our flank and center while our mounted shock force “blitzkrieged” their right flank, breaking the C-in-C.

We knew round three was going to be tough. We played Rich Baier and the affable Larry Chaban toting their Bactrian Greeks. This was the best BBDBA game I have played in my short DBA career. This game was every bit the chess match. The highlight for me was the battle against Chaban on our right flank. It was his Elephant general vs. my Knight general. We both lost some jumbos and Aux., but the real fight was the repeated charge of my Kn. gen. against his El. gen., they clashed over and over with no result. Knowing my luck would run out, I pulled the general back. The game-breaker was going on our left flank, where Rich and Jim were brawling. Rick Lh. caused some serious disorder, and Jim played a very valiant game. Ultimately, Jim really needed the Cav. that was tied up with ZoC shenanigans on my flank. Exhausted, our C-in-C was finally surrounded and destroyed. Both teams were within one element of winning the game, but Rich and Larry played a good game and won (not only our game, but won their next match against the Two Davids). Congrats to the Dicemen! Here are a couple pics:

The view from the Dicemen’s side. This game had very few casualties, with only six or seven total dead combined I think.

Rich goes catatonic after realizing that they won. Exuberant, Larry stretches over for the Dicemen’s customary victory kiss. Observe the “6” result on the dice by Rich’s hand.

The glorious dead…me and Jim post-defeat. I consoled myself with mouthfuls of Chabans communal trail mix.

When it was said and done, we headed down to the vendors hall with the Dicemen for some shopping before the Warbandia event. After picking up some Essex packs for a Bosporan army (picked with the Dicemen’s help). We headed back for Warbandia.

Warbandia action!
My memory is a tad fuzzy on this one, so bear with me–I was tired. My first match was against Doug Austin, who’s Brits would have put up a good fight against my Gauls if he would have rolled over 10 pips the entire game. My next match was karmic, and I could roll no pips. I was crushed by (name to be inserted when results are posted), who went on to beat David Kuijt for the victory the next round. My last match was against some poor young lad (name to be inserted when results are posted), who’s army I blitzed through. After gorging on some fine pizza and wings it was time to head back to the hotel for some much needed sleep. Day one and I had lost both events to the champs of each. I can’t complain!

Part 2 later.

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