Fall In! 2007 Report Pt. II

On Saturday Jim and I headed out to the battlefield to take in the sights. We missed the HoTT action and the DBA open. I was running the Matched Pairs event. Here is a pic of the fun:

Results of the Matched Pairs event (compliments of DS):
Matched Pairs (12 players)
1 – David Schlanger, Shang Chinese vs. Early Northern Barbarians, 93 pts. [Winner Bracket 1]
2 – Larry Chaban, Later Carthaginian vs. Polybian Roman, 70 pts. [Winner Bracket 2]
3 – Jason Bostwick, Eastern Franks vs. Norse Vikings, 75 pts.
4 – John Manning, Kom. Byzantine vs. Early Crusader, 69 pts.
5 – Terence McPartland, Early Muslim N. Africa vs. Fatamid, 53 pts.
6 – Rich Baier, Meroitic Kushite vs. Saitic Egyptian, 51 pts.
7 – Jim Kasper, Macedonian vs. Later Achaemenid, 45 pts.
8 – Colin Rice, Big Al vs. Later Achaemenid, 31 pts.
9 – David McDonald, New Kingdom Egyptian vs. Hittite, 28 pts.
10 – Doug Austin, Marian Roman vs. Commagene, 27 pts.
11 – Ted Galacci, Feudal Spanish vs. Fanatic Berber, 26 pts.
12 – Carl Dietrich, Galatian vs. Mithradatic, 6 pts.

Thanks to Chris Brantley for taking over while the last match finished out. I had to run to get a bite to eat. When we got back, Chris told me who won and I promptly forgot to tell the winners when I found out that we were an hour late for the Outremer event! Thankfully I was spared from the cut. Jim however, got cut along with the Dicemen, but they managed to play some games anyway.

The strategic map for the Outremer event. I played Komnenan Byzantine (b) variant, and was assigned to Sinope. My goal for this game was to take Constantinople and hold it for the rest of the game. As fortune would have it, that’s what I did. Mike Coppinger was my first opponent. I invaded Trebizond since I had nowhere else to go that round. We had quite the melee in which I was victorious. Turn two I sent my new vassal off to Georgia or something while keeping an eye on “The City”. During the first turn, Peter “The Cleaver” had taken Constantinople. I pulled chit #2 and invaded Constantinople–time to make good on my threats! Peter put up a good fight, but alas, I defeated the boy emperor 6-2 (my dice was hot!). I think I lost my first vassal to Georgia during this round. On turn three I was full of hubris and decided to continue the offensive and take Nicea. Let me just say that I was slaughtered by Terence McPartland and sent packing back to Constantinople. In the final round I sailed to Rhodes to take on Paul Stoklosa and hi Knights of St. John. This match was very quick. Paul ended up with a waterway on his board edge. On the first turn I landed a a force of 1Bd., 2Lh., and 1Kn., to the rear of his army. The mounted headed straight for his army while the blade element set himself to sacking the Rhodian camp. A bit of a pushing match and Paul’s general was dead. The camp held though! I went 3-1 (don’t believe the official results, I’m missing a win for some reason) with the Byzantines and had a great time! Thanks to the Two Davids for running a fun event.

Jim and I headed back to get some sleep after that.

On Sunday I played in the Classical Theme tourney and was handed my worst tournament record ever–1-2. What a disgrace! My first game was a very close one with Roland Fricke and his Seluecids vs. my Classical Indians. It was nail biter until the end when my dice went south in a hurry; I was even betrayed by my dice cup! Roland played a tough game and deserved the win.

The first round of themes. Notice Bob calling down the favor of the gods–David Kuijt observes reverently.

My next match was against Jim Kasper and his Etruscans. Again, I was slaughtered in what began as a close game. Jim is an expert with those Italians–great job! My last match was over quickly aided by good match-ups. My Indians crashed into James Millers Ptolemaics and just kept going.

Over-all, I had a great time, if a little sleep deprived. I’m looking forward to next year! Thanks again to Rich for the photos.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. David Kuijt says:

    “Notice Bob calling down the favor of the gods–David Kuijt observes reverently.” — hey, that was the first chance I had to talk to Bob all weekend. He’d been doing other things — until then I hadn’t seen Bob more than ten minutes all Fall In.

  2. Mike Porter says:

    If I remember correctly, Bob was talking about the great impression the Outremer game had on the non-DBA players. Great job again David!

  3. dicemanrick Baier says:

    Just a tweak…I actually won my division in the Matched Pairs, but with a 2-2 record, the second place was given to Larry Chaban (who I beat like a rented mule when I 6:1ed his General!) from the other division.

    Nice report, Mike!

  4. James Miller says:


    I thought I had a good battle plan against your Indians. However, the results firmly stated otherwise! Of all the theme tourneys I’ve been to that was my favorite bar none & I didn’t even win a game. My only regret is that I wish I could have played more. Hope to see you all at Cold Wars & take care.

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