Early Lybians vs Sea Peoples

Fellow Fanatici Will Michael was in town on 12/1/07 and we managed to get together at the Gamers Haven to play some DBA. Will wanted to play Biblicals and he was kind enough to bring the armies. My New Kingdom Egyptians were almost finished for Fall In! but still need three more chariots. Will had Early Lybians and Sea Peoples, so we we played two games, switching armies for each game.

Will advancing his Sea Peoples.

In the first game I played the Lybians, quite poorly I must add. Will won the terrain and I attacked. The plan was to cover my flanks with the Psiloi and send the Light Chariot general and warbands into the Sea Peoples’ line. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but it failed miserably. There was one bound of shoving, but Will got overlaps and crushed me 3G-0 I think.

Sea Peoples advance under my command.

In the second game I used the Sea Peoples, but lost terrain again. Will set it up with a large patch of rough in the center with steep hills in opposite corners. I took the Psiloi option and set up two triplets of Blade w/Psiloi support and a 2 Bd. reserve. The Gen. went with the flying wing and I sent a triplet to sit between terrain features and act as a refused/static flank. I almost made a disaster of it by sending my reserve Bd. into the bad going where they were annihilated by Will’s Psiloi. The only thing that saved me was my flying wing driving into Will’s Bw. I managed to get my Gen. into combat with his, forcing him to recoil into his own guys giving me the win 4g-3. It was really close! Great games Will!


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  1. Will Michael says:

    Thank you Mike. I was very fortunate that you could squeeze in a couple of games on such short notice. Hopefully the next time I am in Cleveland it won’t be for a last minute car purchase.

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