The DBA Gamer Year in Review

As of the 31st of January, this blog will have been active for one year. This also marks my first year of DBA! Here are some things from the past year:

  • I painted seven armies, beginning with my Marian Romans, who achieved a glorious 9-2-1 record with one tournament win. NKE & Byzantines were started, but are on hold for the moment.
  • I played 81 one-on-one games of DBA, culminating with a record of 58 wins, 21 losses, and 2 draws.
  • I won 3 tournaments.
  • With Philistinejim’s help, we managed to get a regular DBA game day organized.
  • I went to my first Historicon and Fall In!
  • Paul Hannah and Philistinejim got me addicted to vintage Mike’s Models 15mm figs.
  • 44,300+ hits in one year! High traffic on the blog convinced me to buy the URL.
  • I GM’d 3 tournaments:NOWS Minicon, NOWSCON, Matched Pairs at Fall In!
  • The blog was featured on the Miniatures Page.
  • I wrote a getting started guide that has received almost 5,000 views.
  • I learned to play BBDBA!
  • I started reading more history books. Arrian, Thucydides, and the like, are always handy.
  • Last, but not least, I have made some great friends!

A hearty “Thank you!” goes out to everyone who comes here!

Coming up: I found my tripod, so I’ll be posting more pics of Andy’s figs and stuff that is unfinished (started on in the Fall, but unfinished due to the commission).

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy Swingle says:

    Unfinished figs are all about gaming!:-D

  2. Mike Porter says:

    Tell me about it Andy, it’s like the gaming “Circle of Life”!

    Great job with your first tourney btw, I enjoyed the report.

  3. Larry says:


    I’m a relative newcomer to your blog but I have enjoyed and am looking forward to more from you this year.


  4. Xavi says:

    A great year for your DBA hobby. And great blog! Congratulations and thanks for sharing the experience with us. Let’s hope that next year is as successful! 😀



  5. dicemanrick says:

    C’mon, Mike….

    Whoever dies with the most toys wins! Unpainted also counts!

  6. Rich Baier says:

    Mike, just a quick “thanks” for doing the blog for a year (time goes fast, huh??), and also for inspiring me to follow your lead with my own blog.

    See ya at the next con, bud…..

  7. Mike Porter says:

    Looking forward to your future posts on your new blog Rich, I’m also looking forward to Stooge Con!

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