More Unfinished

All the figs below are still unfinished. The LIR colors were stolen from our Italian DBA players at DBA Italia.

Getting a little better shots now. Another pic of my LIR cataphractii.

Top-down shot


Byzantine archers.

Byzantine cavalry.

NKE blade.

NKE bow.

Sea Peeps.


Goblin lurkers

Orc stronghol/Mongol camp

Polybian spear.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. PhilistineJim says:

    Mike, You are getting scary good at this painting stuff!

    What figs are the Orcs & Polybians?


    Jim K

  2. Mike Porter says:

    Thanks Jim! The Polybians are Museum (which scale perfectly with my AB Romans). The Orcs are GW Warmaster figs, they are technically 10mm, but are closer to true 15mm IMO.

  3. David Kuijt says:

    Where’s your headless NKE General, Mike?

  4. Mike Porter says:

    Missing in action, last seen careening wildly into my “junk-I- never-seem-to-get-around-to-finishing” pile.

  5. Igcaspe says:

    All figs look so great!
    Could you take a photo of the orcs with, for example, the LIR Cataphracts?

  6. Mike Porter says:

    I’ll see what I can do!

  7. Larry says:

    Those are all very well done Mike. Bravo.

    I assume you use the Orcs and Goblins you have for HOTT?

  8. Mike Porter says:


    Yeah, I made them for the HOTTWAX tourney I couldn’t make it to, so I may be selling them since I probably won’t be playing much 15mm HOTT in the future.

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