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  1. Larry says:

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Looking forward to more of that!


  2. Xavi says:

    What happened to the format of the page? I do not seem to se eit right O_o

    Looking forward to the REAL soldiers of antiquity 🙂



  3. Mike Porter says:

    Fixed the layout Xavi. Don’t get too excited guys, they’re Mike’s Models Spartans that were painted up during lunch this week so I could take a short break from medievals.


    However, they are really nice castings.

  4. Dalauppror says:

    SPARTA !!! SPARTA !!!!

  5. Brian Caskey says:

    I have a couple of DBA size armies done and I am looking for a “starter” game. I have the rules and have basically read them but I am confused on some stuff.
    I have Marian Romans done as well as Numidans and will have Early Imperial Romans by June.Any ideas of other gamers in the Chicagoland area would be appreicated

  6. Mike Porter says:

    Brian, welcome to the blog! Have you gone to the Fanaticus website? Many, many, players frequent the site and I bet you could find an opponent. The link is in my blog roll. Head to the Fanaticus forum and get yourself registered.

  7. Brian Caskey says:


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