StoogeCon 2008

This past Saturday I made the trek into enemy (Steelers) territory (Pittsburgh) to play in StoogeCon, which was organized by the Pittsburgh DBA community, and sponsored by Legions Games. It was great to see the guys from PA, meet some new folks, and see some fellow GLADBAGGERS : Zeke, Mike, and Jenny. There were two tourneys, one Open, the other was Book IV (BOO! HISS! I hate Book IV!). I took the II/9. Syracusan: 1Cv Gen, 1Cv, 6Sp, 1Wb, 1Art, 1Ps, 1Lh. All Mike’s Models. This gave me a chance to show off my new Littoral Greek camp:

You can’t tell from the pic, but I used Renaissance Ink’s (extra fine grade) flocking gel for the water (it dries clear), then the course grade for the shore. The ships are 1:300 scale Penteconters.  Jim Kasper’s Sea Peoples camp inspired me.

I went 3-1 in the open tourney. I faced the only kind of army I feared (blade) in the first round: Sea Peoples, commanded by the implacable Mike Demana, who whooped me 1-4.

In this shot you can see how Mike took good advantage of my pip lock that occurred when I attempted to move a column of mounted between my main line of spear and my reserve line. Notice my pip-dice score…

A little later and Mike has double-enveloped me. Notice my general fleeing through the woods! My psiloi also had the same idea-what a disaster! Mike is an awesome player and deserved the win. This was the first time I’ve ever gotten to play him.

My next match was close to being historical. I played against Jenny Torbet’s Thessalian Greeks (an army I had considered bringing).

Here is a shot of the situation after a couple bounds. I had a steep hill to my left and gentle hill on my right, where I managed to shuffle over some spear later on to make my stand. Jenny whacked my warband with her auxilia pretty quickly, but I managed to get around the flanks while holding the hill with my spear. I managed a win: 5-1. Jenny got her revenge in the next tourney!

Next up I played Rich Fisher and his French Ordonannce. This battle was over on bound two, where I eked out just enough range to shoot his knight general with my artillery. I took some razzing from Larry on that move, but hey, I was using an army that Larry had chided me for, saying: “Syracusan? Oh, you’re brave.” So with that in mind, my general commanded his men to unleash hell, and popped the general with a 6-1, winning the game: 1G-0. I believe the picture below shows Fish’s roll (Photo by Rich Baier):

Next up, I played Kevin Serafini who was going on very little sleep to come and play. This game was very casual, as we debated how a double Littoral landing would work. I opted not to land, but Kevin landed his knights on his right.

Unfortunately, Kevin let my artillery creep up on his general. The first roll was 6-1 in his favor; I cursed the irony of it and prepared to get stomped, but I believe Kevin got pip-locked and I managed to set my sights on his general again. I rolled a six! Kevin rolled with his dice cup and lifted it slowly, I saw him groan as he revealed a 1! The Syracusan artillery crew definitely earned double rations!

I ended up tied with Larry Chaban for second place, separated from from first place winner Mike Demana by only 3 points. I was really happy with how I handled the Syracusans in their first tourney outing.

The Book IV tourney was an utter disaster for me. I went 0-4 with my Kommnenan Byzantine (b) army I had previously gone 3-1 with. I’ll post a couple shots below, but for the main part I was so out of it that I forgot to take mental notes or many pictures. I was mostly killed by shooty stuff; I just didn’t have an answer for it. I also could not get my Lh around the flanks. My bow killed only 1 element ( an aux), and I think I was also a little hesitant to commit my knights. Proper deployment also eluded me, including a crazy alternating deployment that had Mike Demana scratching his head. By the end of the day I was simply crashing my elements into un-winnable fights. I actually apologized to Mike D. for my bad playing. I lost to Rich Baier, Jenny Torbet, the Noob (can’t remember his name), and Mike Demana. Everyone played well, and it was a pleasure despite my horrific results.

Rich’s “cheater” Anglo-Normans, preparing to slaughter me.

Here are some other shots of player’s games:

Mike Demana and Howard West.

Zeke and Kevin’s battle on the beach.

I’d like to thank everyone involved for a great day!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. dicemanrick says:

    Mike, glad you could come down to the “Burgh”!
    The Noob was Eric Streicher from Pgh. He’s more of a Nappy/WWII guy, but we harassed him enough to play. It was good he came as then I could sit out and ref (/harass).

  2. itchysama says:

    Mike, cool pics and report. Looking forward to seeing you at H-Con.

  3. MrF says:

    Well done Mike, nice report & pics.
    I love that Littoral Greek Camp as well….
    (nice to hear from you again, you’ve off the map for a while, everything OK?)
    All the Best

  4. Mike Porter says:

    Hi MrF., all is well. Getting my condo ready to sell has been taking up almost all of my time lately!

  5. Bruce W. says:

    Mike, that camp is awesome!

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