Rohan HOTT

When I can get some solid time to paint I need to rush Andy his last handful of figs, then get started on my Rohan army for HOTT. These guys are pretty much unfinshed. This is my proposed composition: 1xHero General (Eomer), 1xPaladin (Eowyn), 6xRiders (um…Riders of Rohan), 1xBehemoth (Treebeard). Treebeard will be replaced with Knights when I get my hands on some royal guard. Likewise, if I can find a Gandalf the White, I will replace Eowyn. Here are some shots:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. MrF says:

    Very nice indeed, I’ll have to ban Jack from this site otherwise I’ll be getting grief to paint up his LOTR figures!!

  2. Mike Porter says:

    Do it! (Meaning, paint up the armies!)

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