More W.I.P

Finishing Andy’s figs has opened the floodgate on unfinished projects. Here are some pics:

My disaster of a workspace.

A Mike’s Models Persian.

LIR Cataphracts

An element of Mike’s Models Companions and a general stand for my L.A.P’s.

A scythed chariot for the L.A.P’s and Seleucids.

L.I.R. Heavy foot with psiloi.

I’m looking to post a picture of a test-fig for my Bosporans soon.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy Swingle says:

    Hey, where do you get those mike model figs? I like the hobbit look!:-D

  2. Falange says:

    I like the patterned lances on the cataphracts – I may shamelessly steal that idea!

  3. Mike Porter says:

    Thanks Falange. Don’t worry about ripping off the paint scheme–I shamelessly stole the idea from Filippo Simoncini at DBA Italia. Here is the link:

    I just took it a step further and painted the bridle with the same scheme. If you look at Late Roman reenacting websites, many lances and spears are painted with alternating stripes. All the spears in my army will be painted that way.

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