DBA at Gamer’s Haven

I actually got to play some DBA today! I’ve been feeling a bit rusty since the clobbering I took with Byzantines at StoogeCon, so I was nervous I was losing my mojo. Not to worry though, I racked up three wins and no losses, which always helps with confidence. 🙂

I got to use my newly painted scythed chariot for my Seleucids! First game I played was vs Polybian Roman. The chariot took out two blade elements, a spear element, and chased off some psiloi before losing on a tie to a spear element. My only other lost element was a light horse element that got a little to frisky with the Roman cav. general. All the action was with mounted in this game–neither battle lines made contact. I won 4-1.

Next game was my Gallic army vs Polybians again. This one was quick, with my Gauls overwhelming the Roman flank, supported by the chariots. My warbands got recoiled a couple times, resulting in the Romans getting overlaps on m chariots, killing two of them. However, after rolling the Roman flank, the rascally Gauls were rampaging in the ROman backfield. I won 4-2.

The last game we played, my opponent asked to use my Koryo Koreans. I have no matched enemy for them yet, so I decided to see if my Byzantines could redeem themselves. They certainly did, but I had to be sneaky. He set up as the defender and advanced conservatively. I egged him on by zooming my column of light horse (I was getting tons of pips) back and forth, daring his bow to advance. I kept him unnerved by constantly measuring a path to him camp when I rolled big pips, this made him keep his artillery so far back that it was useless. As he moved forward I was slowly moving my knights into a flanking position, covered by my bow and spear. I made a feint at shooting his spear line, but then moved them forward into the hills exposing the Korean battle line to a flank charge by my knights. He sent his general in to stop the madness after I had killed two spear and he managed to double one of my knights. During the same bound I shot-up one of his bow in the hills. Next bound I continued the assault and killed another spear. I wish I would have taken pictures, because I think this is the first time I ave seen the Byzantines behave anything like the real thing: ambushes, feigned flight, etc.  Result was 4-1.


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