More LotR HOTT

Here is some more LotR goodness.

My first stand (out of 3) of Warg Riders (classed as Beasts).

Here is another angle.

My first Riders of Rohan element (classed as…Riders).  Luke Ueda-Sarson makes a good argument for the RoR to be classed as knights, but my armies are “inspired” more by the films, wherein I feel they acted more like cavalry.  Therefore, I chose to make ordinary riders classed as Riders for game purposes.

A rear shot.

Treebeard; perhaps a controversial choice, but Luke Ueda-Sarson does include Ents as allies in his DBM/HOTT lists.  Again, for me it comes down to inspiration and plausibility when making these armies, rather than recreating a “historical” list as David Kuijt and Luke Ueda-Sarson approach it.  SO while technically, Treebeard never fought alongside the forces of Rohan, it is not out of the question that he might have.  Same thing goes for Saruman-he never left Isengard during the War, and therefore shouldn’t be included in any list.  However, his influence and will was certainly driving the armies of Isengard, so I include him in my list.   On the flip side, I am replacing my troll with  the Warg riders, and Treebeard will be replaced with either some warband (dismounted riders), or Household Knights.  I have Eowen  on the bench as well, but I will probably replace her with Theoden when I can get my hands on the mounted fig.  My apologies to MrF. if Jack starts to pester you into painting his LotR figs! :p

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  1. Would you cut it out! Must not rebase my LOTR figures. Must not rebase my LOTR figures. Must not rebase my LOTR figures. You’re making this very difficult. I even bought a Narnian army from splintered light so that I wouldn’t be tempted by your work.

  2. Mike Porter says:

    Do it! (In my best Chancellor Palpatine voice). Come on David, you know 28mm is The One True Scale. Get those figs rebased! That way you can participate in my HOTT War of the Ring campaign tourney I’ve been dreaming up for Fall In or Cold Wars.

    Besides, rebasing is so much easier than painting a whole new army. 😀

  3. David Kuijt says:

    HotT War of the Ring campaign tourney? SIGN ME UP!!! The pain will be which army to play, though.

    In that vein, though — were you thinking about using something like the campaign engine DS and I used for the Crusades at Fall In, and for both the Aztec and Collapse theme-campaigns at Cold Wars? If so, I can paint up a Middle Earth Map to serve as the basis for it.

    Actually, I may paint one up anyway, even if you were going to use some other campaign game engine.

    In the campaign game, are you going to restrict the number of personalities? (otherwise everyone and their dog will have an Aragorn, etc. etc.)

  4. Mike Porter says:

    DK, yes, I plan on using the exact same engine that you and DS used, with some tweaks. I want to add a mechanic for the movement of the ring towards Barad-Dur (will borrow this from LotR RISK). This in itself will limit/restrict the usage of certain personalities. I also need to figure out a way to encourage bad guys to attack good guys, rather than armies simply fighting other armies in the geographical vicinity (will probably have something to do with the afore mentioned Ring mechanic). One of your maps would be splendid for the tourney! 🙂

  5. Robin says:

    Curses.. do you have horns and a tail as well? Ever feel like walking around with a trident trying to conquer the world?


    I’ve just finished my 3rd 20mm HotT army.. Undead… now you throw this temptation in front of me…

    Lovely painting.

  6. Mike,

    What base size are you using for your Wargs, Rohirrim and Uruk Hai pikers?


  7. Athansios says:


    I use 60x60mm, 60x40mm, and 60x20mm, respectively.

    Sorry it took a couple days to reply!

  8. Kayruul says:

    Nice painting job on the wargs!
    They look better than the wargs on the gamesworkshop website, they look like the ones from the movie.
    I have some Warg Riders coming in, I’m gonna paint mine like yours. 😀

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