HotT For Sale

I’ve had this 36AP army sitting around waiting to be finished.  Minor stuff really: I have to finish the stronghold (which can double as a Mongol DBA camp), paint in some teeth and horns and finish the bases.  My opportunities to play 15mm HotT in the next three years are zero to none, so I’m looking to finish it and send it to a new owner.  Feel free to make an offer.  You can email me at: portertm at gmail dot com.  If you are going to Origins, I plan on being there on Friday and can deliver in person.

1xBehemoth Gen.

The figures are 10mm GW Warmaster Orcs & Goblins.  Two of the behemoths are 28mm D&D figs with conversion work (back spines).  I also have loads of unpainted foot and some more wolf riders I can throw in.

The Lurkers are GW goblins on LotR Giant Spiders.

The knights.

Beasts.  This is an example of the finished bases.


A Hero stand.  This is the element that needs the most work, but should paint up quickly.

The Behemoth brigade.

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