Origins 2008

I jumped in the car this Friday to make the trek down South to Columbus to play in the first GLADBAG Invitational Tournament and the Origins DBA Open event.  Origins is a wonderful venue (far, far, exceeding the Lancaster Host), and I hope to make it back there to compete again.

For the Invitational, I brought Polybians, hoping to try them in a tourney before Historicon; for the Open I brought Alexandrian Imperial.  I was “Power Gaming” to the hilt!  What follows below are my recollections of the events.  The first event was the Invitational.

First Round: My Romans vs Andy Swingle’s Seleucids.  This pic was taken after my Ps supported Bd 6-1’d his Kn general.  I hate to have games end this way, even if it was in my favor!

Second Round: Jenny Torbet’s Thessalians.  This one ended with me killing her general as well.  Jenny’s a great sport; at the end of the day I apologised for always beating up on her Greeks.

Third Round: Dave Welch (my new nemesis) 🙂  Dave was playing New Kingdom Egyptians.  I believe we played over 1/2 an hour before actually rolling for combats.  This is mid-game.  In what ultimately proved to be his undoing, Dave committed all his mounted to one flank, giving me the opportunity to send some Bd to take his camp.  Both of my games with Dave were real nail biters, Dave is an obvious contender for being one of the best players around.  Great job Dave! I believe I won this game 2C-2.  Below is a shot of one of the final bounds.  You can see there was quite a bit of maneuvering.

On the right you can see my Sp and Cv holding the flank against the onslaught of the Egyptian chariots.  In the center my blade struggle against Dave’s Bd, who got Bw support later, killing some Bd IIRC.  Up to the left, my Romans are almost at the camp.

Fourth Round: Tom Graves and his Christian Nubians.  Tom taught me that I am still a novice!  This was the only game that I lost the terrain for.  Tom wasted no time in putting down favorable terrain for mostly bad going army.  I did the best I could to protect my flanks from bad going assaults and rushed my blade line up to smash into his general.  What a disaster!  His Cv general 6-1’d my Ps supported Bd, I lost another combat to unsupported Wb in the open(!), and somewhere I lost some Sp to Wb.  Ugh!  I lost 0-4 (yikes!)

The picture above shows the hole in my line that used to be in front of his general.  Tom played Rob Runnels for the trophy, falling to Rob’s Tamil.  Congratulations to Rob for winning the first GLADBAG Invitational!  Thank you also to all of my very gracious opponents–truly among the finest players!  I went 3-1 in the Invitational: On to the Open!

I took Alexandrian Imperial for the Open.  I had a bit rougher time in this tourney, falling prey to the Achilles heel of the army: flank support.  In the games that I lost, my Pk outran its flank support and truly suffered for it.

Setting up for the Open, which had an impressive 32 players.

First Round: Jenny Torbet making another valiant effort with her Greeks, this time against “Big Mac”.  I was getting really tired at this point (I had gotten up at 5:15AM) and can’t remember many details, but I did win 4-0.

Round Two: I can’t remember the name of my opponent!  I’m so sorry; when Stelzer posts the results I’ll add your name.  I know he was playing a biblical army.  In the picture above you can see where I zoomed my Arty up the road to start blasting at his HCh.  This game went 4G-1, IIRC.  I sacrificed a Lh in a cheesy “buttocks of Death” maneuver to remove a Ps that was locking down my flank from the Bg.

Round Three:  Dave Welch and his Hittites.  After deployment I saw the writing on the wall for this match.  Dave didn’t believe me when I told him that he got me.  I think this game played for about and hour and a half, tied at 3-3 for the longest time, neither of us getting the combat rolls we wanted, and constantly locking.  Nevertheless, Dave finally got my flank, fighting from being down 0-3, I think, Dave can correct me if I’m wrong.  At the end, I just could not get any pips.  If you look up at the right, you can see where I was making my push to double Dave’s Ps in the open with my Ax, but I was one short on the combat rolls every time.  This was very exiting, and hard faught game.  I lost 4-3.  Well done Dave!

I don’t have any pics from my final game, as I was pretty much brain dead.  My opponent played very well though, using his Sub-Roman Brits to take down my Macedonians, 4-1G.  I killed a lot of generals on Friday! 🙂

I had a wonderful time at Origins on Friday, playing in both the Invitational and the Open.  Many thanks to all the organizers, sponsors, and GM’s (Demana & Stelzer).


4 Comments Add yours

  1. David Kuijt says:

    Your second-round opponent is playing Assyrians, if that helps. I/51 Neo-Assyrian Later Sargo.

  2. Dave Welch says:

    Those were two great games we had on Friday, Mike! You’re also a great person to compete with, win or lose! I look forward to our next match!

  3. Mike Demana says:

    Thanks again for coming down, Mike. It is always great to see you. We’re going to miss you when you move to New York!
    Mike Demana

  4. Andy Swingle says:

    I had a great time.. even if you 6-1 my general.:-D

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