Historicon 2008 Pt.1

First off, let me say that I am sorry I did not have daily coverage of the con; my hotel had no Internet access.  Like last year, this was a great con, made so by all the great players that our community is known for.  I really feel that I have made some lasting friendships.  The great highlight for me was taking home my first plaque for winning the Asian theme with my mighty Mike’s Models Koreans!  I also learned a heck of a lot this time around.  As I said several times: I came to Historicon not having a clue how to field a Medieval army, and left really enjoying them. I also rolled really, really bad dice this week.  So bad, that my dad actually went to the dealer area to buy me new dice and a new dice cup!

In addition to these reports, I have updated the Victory & Defeat page to reflect my Games at Historicon.  I went 8-8 this year, a far cry from my 9-2-1 record for 1-on-1 DBA from last year. 😦  I’ve least been able to manage 1 tourney win per Historicon. 🙂

I have no pictures from Wednesday night, given that I was totally exhausted and forgot my camera in the car.  I played 3 disastrous games with a loaner army courtesy of Ron Giampapa.  After that, I went back to the hotel to rest.

The next day was a bit better.  The first event was the 2000 Years of Far East Wars themed event.  I took my Koryo Koreans for a spin and did well, suffering only one defeat against a historical match-up: Ron’s Post-Mongol Samurai.

My first battle against Rich Gause and his Tribal Mongolians.

Second battle vs. Ron’s Samurai.

My final battle.  Again, I forget the details…I remember by Arty and bow slaughtering many horsemen.

More to come soon!


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