CT Gamers DBA

Made the drive up to Ct to play a couple rounds of DBA this past Saturday.  It was a Successors of Alexander theme, so I took along Demetrios with the artillery  and extra spear option.  In case you are wondering, these are 30″ boards.ctgames-001

A pic from my first game.  I can’t remember the army, but I remember it being Early Asian Successor, and I lost the terrain.  For this game I simply worked his left flank with my Ax and Lh.  I got behind him and started peeling off Pk. I won, 4-1.


A more dramatic angle.  As you can see, my Arty’s aim was off and got trashed by the jumbo later on.  You can also see my general about to ride down some Psiloi.


Second game, same armies, lost the terrain again.  This time he overloaded his left flank and attacked my right with his general leading.  He made an error though, and gave me time to hustle in Kn and Ax reinforcements (I also killed the jumbo this time).  I won 5G-1.


Last game vs Roland Fricke (Seleucids).  Here is where I got smacked.  I won the terrain and promptly crowded the board.  Roland got the better of me when I tried to rest my right flank on some steep hills.  He had more light infantry than me and made short work of my Ax on the hill.  He eventually got into a position where my center could push his heavy infantry into his jumbo, but I just couldn’t win the combats.  Roland won, 4-0: a slaughter!

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