So I started playtesting my own DBx derivative rules today.  Basically, I’ve been hankering some decent, easy 15mm WWII skirmish rules.  Given that I have some crappily painted figs from about 10 years ago gathering dust, I figured why not?  Not really seeing any that I was interested in, I decided to make my own.  I had some time today, so I set up a space and played my first game.  I don’t really have anything on paper yet, but today’s game definitely solidified some ideas.  I’ll post the play-by-play and explain some of the rules as I go!  Onward!

Turn 1: Two armies of 24AP square off.  The Germans (top), consisting of: 1xLdr., 2xSmg, 1xSniper, & 6xRiflemen defend against a Russian unit (bottom) consisting of: 1xLdr., 1xLmg, 5xSmg., 8xRiflemen (Russians are cheap!) that is attacking.

Play area for this test was 1.5′ x 1.5′.  Figures are based individually, but can move in groups to save PiPs.  Terrain is a road, 2 woods, and a field.  Bad going from DBA counts as “cover” in my game. Field and woods are “cover” and any shooting into cover (or close combat) is treated as -2.  Figures shooting out of cover (or from behind it) do not suffer the -2 penalty as long as they are 1″ or less from the edge of the terrain feature.

With a shout, the Commisar waves his men forward.  The Lmg team makes its way through the woods while the infantry advances as a group.  The Smg’s (PPSh 41’s) take up the rear of the group because of their limited range. They can use the Mosin toting troops as a meat shield. 🙂

German Bound: A “5” for Pips and they move forward through cover. The sniper moves off through the field to spot targets, while the Feldwebel with 4 riflemen takes up the center with good firing position.  A unit of 2xriflemen and 2xSmg (MP40) troops creep along the edge of the woods in an attempt to flank the Russians.

Turn 2: Russian bound, this time the Lmg team must move for 2 pips (1st turn move is -1 pip), the unit (group) of foot troops moves its full 2″ forward.

Russian shooting: One lone trooper has range (6″ for most rifles) and rolls a 5 (ignore the dice in the pic).  Russians are +3 for shooting and hth, so the total score is 8.  But they are shooting into cover, so deduct -2, making the grand total: 6.  

The German rolls as well (just like DBA shooting), scoring a 1 on the dice.  Standard German infantry are +4 for shooting and hth, so the total score is:5–he loses by one!  The soldier only recoils (one base depth, pushing back anyone behind) since he was not doubled.  The Lmg has range, but cannot shoot because it moved during its turn.

On the German bound, the Russian Lmg team is fired upon several times by the troops in the field, and recieves 2 recoil results.  Any unit that recieves 2 or more recoil results is destroyed.  So….dead Lmg team.  When I played this, the Lmg shot at +4, with a quick kill (meaning, if your score is less than the shooter you die) on anything it fires at.  Next time I am going to try +5.  The sniper held his fire…(I forgot to have him shoot).

Turn 3: Next Russian bound: The unit wheels for a better angle on the field.  Every man misses his shot.  The sniper cannot be seen because he has not fired yet.  He will shoot soon enough…

With the setting sun to his back, the sniper takes his shot and kills the Commisar!  Now the Russians must use an extra pip for any movement the remainder of the game!  The Germans open fire on the front rank of on-rushing Russians and manage to recoil one pushing back an Smg, further frustrating the Russian plan of getting the Smg’s into range!

Turn 4: Moving across the road, the Russians open fire on the sniper position and kill him. In their bound the Germans respond by killing a rifleman and recoiling several others.  A German rifleman moves up on the left.

Turn 5: The Russians move closer to the field and fail all of their shots into the field.  Two Smg’s stay behind to guard the flank.

German bound, I don’t know how it happened, but the German Smg that was by the woods got himself killed (I think I missed a photo of a round).  The germans in the field prepare to recieve a charge and mange to blow a hole in the Russian ranks and recoil an Russian Smg. on the flank.

Turn 6: Russian bound, one of the Smg’s manages to get into the field and begins to spray the area with bullets, killing one of the Germans.  Being low on pips, the Russians only manage to get one man into cover.

The German response is swift and deadly!  The Russian Smg in the field takes a combat knife to the throught in hand to hand combat.  Also, one of the left flank Russian Smg’s takes a Karibiner round and dies.  One of the Russians is recoiled as well.

Game over.  The Russians lose halp their army point total in the last round and retreat.  

I had a lot of fun with this and I’m looking forward to developing the rules further.  I like the individual basing because I can be a bot more free with terrain, which is important for scenario based skirmish games.  I am going to work on a series of Stalingrad scenarios for these rules to flesh them out a bit more.  Overall, I thought the game was fast and suspensful, which is what I look for with skirmish games!  Feedback and questions are very welcome.


  1. Robin says:

    Nice start.. have you looked at or tried Crossfire?



  2. Seems a bit like the “Song of Blades” mindset, too — which in itself, is heavily influenced by DBA. They’re going to be coming out with a Modern/WW II version, which I believe will be called Firepower, shortly. Might be worth picking up…

    Hope things are going well for you in your new home…!

  3. Jerry Cashman says:

    HI Mike,

    Great idea, love the idea of WW2 skirmish that can be played quickly on a DBA scale.

    A mate and I play (infrequently) Crossfire and DBA… we’d be happy to play-test as you refine your rules if you’d like feedback!

    Jerry Cashman
    Canberra – Australia.

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