Late Imperial Romans

Essex Late Imperial Roman (East), representing the Magister Militum per Orientem.

LIR 001

Catafractii in the works.

LIR 010

Comites catafractarii Bucellarii iuniores

LIR 014

LIR 015

LIR 007

Felices Arcadiani seniores

LIR 003

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeff Franz says:

    Great look Mike! I just won the essex Late Imperial East on Ebay last night. I am looking forward to painting them. These give me some inpiration to start.


  2. Tony Aguilar says:

    Nice job so far Mike. I look forward to seeing which units you use for the Legionaires and the Auxilia. I have a II/78a and 78b waiting in the wings.

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Tony! This project has stalled a bit due to the fact that I hate the legionary figs that came in the pack. They have leather muscle cuirrases that look like they are straight out of a Charlton Heston movie. I need to see if OG (closest in scale, I think) makes some with chain mail. The aux for this army (Essex) are actually pretty nice. Oval shields, crestless metal helmets, cloth armor, and are carrying darts (just like the guy on the left on my masthead).

  4. Tony Aguilar says:

    The OG (which is what I have) have the leather cuirasses too.

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