New Game Board

The past week has seen my first painting in over a month.  I’m working 6 elements of Greek hoplites to use in various armies, and I’ve actually been working on my Later Swiss, which are very unsatisfactory for me.  I’ll post some pics of those soon (I can’t find my camera) and you can be the judge.

I have also completed a new DBA game board.  It is styrofoam mounted on a 2×2 birch panel.  I have also put rubber feet on board.  I used Renaissance Ink products for the texture (along with some added sand), and used Gorilla Tape to protect the edges.  Gorilla Glue was used to affix the styrofoam to the wood panel.

I took some pics with my Blackberry for you.  I’ll post more when I find the camera.


Top-down view of Alexander and Poros facing off.


Blurry, but you get the idea.

Additionally, I have continued to refine my WWII skirmish rules and I’ve actually made reservations for Fall In! this year, so I hope to see some of my friends from Fanaticus there!

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