Back At It

After a long absence I’ve picked up my paint brushes in anticipation of Historicon 2010.  I don’t actually have a lot of armies for the events (most of my collection is Book II), so I have to get some stuff painted.

The first one I’ve started is IV/28. Prussian.  This is for the Balkan Crusades event run by the Two Davids. The army comes courtesy of Paul Hannah, and is made up of old Mike’s Models.

The full army, ready for primer.

The camp.  I wanted to give the feel of an army out on a raid leaving just a few lookouts, so I just put a lone sentry with a small campfire amidst the trees and some old standing stones.

The other army is I/6.a Early Bedouin.  This army will be made up of Museum Miniatures, pulled from their ancient horde line.  Pics of those will be coming as I get them going.

More soon!

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  1. TWR says:

    Good to see some DBA posts again. I look forward to more in the coming weeks.

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